A European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) enables cross-border cooperation between companies from different EU Member States. Through REVISA EEIG, companies can realise joint projects, share resources and exploit synergies. REVISA EEIG offers members the opportunity to expand their business activities to other countries and open up new markets. It enables the exchange of know-how and experience between members and promotes cooperation in areas such as research, development and innovation. It provides legal security and facilitates the management and organisation of cross-border cooperation. Overall, REVISA EEIG strengthens the competitiveness of its members and contributes to economic integration in Europe.

Benefits of becoming a member

Revisa EEIG as a strictly auxiliary company offers substantial advantages to its members and is established as an additional company next to the already existing company of the members. Various companies can join the Revisa EEIG and become members. A company, for example in the legal form of a GmbH or a AG remains in its original legal form. The companies are not rebuilt or reconstructed, but join the auxiliary company as a member in the legal form of our EEIG. The services and activities continue to be provided by the company itself. Invoicing and monitoring of payments is carried out by Revisa EEIG. For this purpose, an agreement is concluded between the member company and the Revisa EEIG. The Revisa EEIG settles the assigned service directly with the customers of the member companies. The revenues are thus revenues of the Revisa EEIG. The Revisa EEIG is obliged to reimburse its members.


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